Overview of Covey Run's Unique Wines

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Covey Run Wine features a range of wines that are priced affordably and can accompany any occasion. From reds to whites and even ice varieties, expect to taste something unique from this Washington State winery.

Award Winning Covey Run

Covey Run, located in Woodinville, Washington State, has been crafting wines since 1982. Their wines have won over 20 Best Value Awards from Wine Spectator and are noted for their affordability and high standards.

Covey Run Ice Wine

Covey Run has been making ice wine for over 25 years. This unique variety of wine is produced in small, limited batches. Washington State is ideal for this variety since the grapes used for the production are left on the vine until they freeze. This method yields a sweet, concentrated grape juice with very little water. Ice wine can be served as a dessert or with a sweet side such as fruit, pastry or a rich cheese.

Two Tiers of Wine

Covey Run features two tiers of wine, making it simple to find the perfect wine for any occasion.

Columbia Valley Reserve Series

The Columbia Valley Reserve Series is elegant and complex. It features Covey Run's best wines. All wines are crafted by hand and can be served with a range of cuisines. Some to check out are:

  • 2006 Chardonnay: Priced at $15, this wine is rich and well balanced with a crisp acidity.
  • 2008 Riesling, Late Harvest: Notes of mango and apricot create a sweet balance to this variety. It is priced at $15.
Covey Run Wines
  • 2006 Semillon Ice Wine: Expect to find aromas such as mango and pineapple along with notes of honey and honeysuckle in this wine. It is priced at $20.
  • 2006 Syrah: This deep purple wine is $18 and features dark fruit, violet and coffee cake.

Quail Series

The Quail Series features easy to drink wines that are ideal for casual dining. The wines in this series are priced affordably making them ideal for every day sipping. Some to check out are:

  • 2008 Chardonnay: Priced at $9, this chardonnay has vanilla, toast and hazelnut aromas along with apple, pear and melon notes.
  • 2009 Sauvignon Blanc: This pale gold wine features aromas of pineapple and daffodils and is just $9.
  • 2008 White Blend: This wine is blended with floral and citrus and can be served with grilled fish or roasted meats. It is priced at $9.
  • 2008 Red Blend: Expect to taste hints of vanilla and smoke in this rich, red wine that is priced at $10.

Unique Features

Covey Run uses screw caps instead of corks for their wines. The reason is that screw caps keep wine fresher and provide a better seal. They are also easy to open and require no special gadgets.

Shop For Covey Run Wine

Covey Run wines can be purchased at many retailers or online. You can visit the winery online or on Facebook. To contact the winery, call 866-960-9259 or email info@coveyrun.com.

Overview of Covey Run's Unique Wines