6 Excellent Tips for Planning a Napa Wine Tour

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Does a tour through California's beautiful Napa Valley wine country sound like a lovely afternoon or weekend getaway? If it does, you're in luck. There are a variety of ways you can tour the Napa Valley, including by limousine, train, bicycle, and hot air balloon. If you can't physically get away, you can even take a virtual tour of the region.

Creating a Unique Napa Valley Wine Tour

A guided wine tour of Napa Valley can be much more than spending a few hours visiting one or two wineries, tasting some vintage wines, eating lunch and leaving. No… taking a guided wine tour of Napa is much more than that. Guided tours allow visitors to learn details about the traditions and history of Napa Valley, to become informed about the most famous wineries in the area, and to experience the paradise that surrounds the area. The most unusual aspect about touring Napa is the several unique ways to do so.

Limousine Tours

A limousine driver can be hired to take an individual, a family, or a group to various wineries, and the driver can give a guided tour along the way. Most of the limousine companies in Napa only have experienced and knowledgeable drivers who know how to pamper their guests. The drivers are there to provide information and answer any questions that may arise.

Riding in a limousine is a definite plus in Napa because it is expected that a fair amount of wine will be consumed over the course of a day. It is easy to drink enough that operating a vehicle could become unsafe. With a hired designated driver, there is no danger of drinking and driving.

Considering a Napa limousine tour? Try the following:

Train Tours

One way to ensure that as much of Napa Valley is seen as possible is to take a tour of the area on the Napa Valley Wine Train. The train travels on tracks that have existed in Napa since 1864. There are three different types of cars from which to choose: the "Vista Dome Car," the "Dining Cars," or the "Silverado Grill Railcar."All of the car choices include scrumptious food from different menus, samplings of various wines, and spectacular views of the wine country from the windows on the train. A trip on the Napa Valley Wine Train is a one of a kind experience, and is a truly stylish and relaxing way to experience vastness and views of Napa in a matter of a few hours. Visit the Napa Valley Wine Train website for more information.

Hot Air Balloon Tours

This area is known for its beauty and sophisticated attitude. These two qualities can easily be combined with a little bit of excitement in a hot air balloon. There are several tour companies offering individuals and groups tours of the area via the sky. This sort of activity allows visitors to have a bird's eye view of one of the most stunning places on earth. Tours may also include wine tastings and food samples while in the air. Visit NapaWineTour.com to book one of these unique tours the Napa Valley.

Bicycling Tours

For the avid bicyclist or for a bicycling novice, there are many roads and paths for bicycles in Napa. Roads and paths range from easy to challenging, but all lead to the same things… wine, great food, shopping, and beautiful scenery. When there are not designated bike trails to follow, there are usually bike lanes on the right-hand side of the roads. Paths, trails and roads can be followed from winery to winery. If bicycles were not brought to Napa, they can be rented from many shops. Necessary pieces of bicycle equipment (such as helmets, car racks, child trailers etc…) are also available. Napa Valley Bike Tours allows you to book your Napa Valley bicycling vacation or tour.

Personalized Tours

A personalized wine tour is similar to a limousine tour, but the guide is both the driver of the vehicle and an expert on anything and everything that exists in Napa Valley. The tour guides who offer personalized service know the ins-and-outs of the area and can provide a multitude of little known facts. Personalized tour guides are more than just drivers… they are there to serve the visitors, provide information, make the trip relaxing and enjoyable, and also to ensure that the best wineries and restaurants are visited. Terrific Tours offers personalized guided tours through Napa Valley.

Virtual Tours

For those who want to experience and learn about Napa Valley and what it has to offer, but cannot physically visit the area, there are several "virtual" wine tours available. Various internet sites offer maps of the many wineries, pictures and panoramic views of them, historical information, and articles about the many famous restaurants that exist there. The only things missing from a virtual tour are the wine tastings, the smell of food cooking, and the feel of the air. While these are all important, a virtual tour is better than no tour at all. Armchair travelers can visit ineTours.com or take a video tour on YouTube.

An Enjoyable Getaway

Napa Valley has much to offer, with its beautiful scenery, fun shops, gourmet dining, and unique tours. Whether you are looking for a pleasant way to spend a day, or you'd like to plan a longer vacation, if you love food and wine, then you can't go wrong with the Napa Valley.

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6 Excellent Tips for Planning a Napa Wine Tour