Wine Making Supplies and Where to Get Them

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Using the right wine making supplies makes a great wine. Whether you are making your first batch of dandelion wine or you're an old pro, find out what you need for winemaking success.

Tools Of The Trade

All wine makers need a basic set of wine making supplies. Luckily, if you are new to brewing your own, the list of items is short. To make a 6-gallon batch, you will need these basics:

  • 7.5-gallon glass fermenter
  • 6-gallon glass carboy
  • Airlock
  • Drilled rubber stoppers to fit the fermenter, airlock, and carboy
  • Hydrometer
  • Long handled bottlebrush
  • No-rinse sanitizer
  • Corker and corks
  • Racking tube with anti-sediment tip
  • 5-foot siphon tube
  • Bottle filler with a shut off valve
  • Wine bottles for six gallons of wine

Glass is preferred over plastic jugs because plastic can hold the color and taste of the last batch of wine you have made. However, if you are just starting out and not sure if this will be an ongoing hobby, the plastic containers are less expensive. Rubber corks are preferred over real corks because they are easy to clean and will not crumble in your batch of wine.

Sellers Of Wine Making Supplies

The homemade wine enthusiast has ensured there are many places to purchase wine making supplies. Online stores that carry wine supplies include:

Supplies For the Enthusiast

Perhaps you have been making wine for a while and you are ready to take your hobby to the next level. There are a few more wine making supplies that you can add to your arsenal. A hydrometer and accompanying test vial can measure the specific gravity of your brewing beverage. This handy tool can give you readings on the alcohol content, sugar levels and how the fermentation process is progressing. A wine thief is another handy instrument that home brewers use frequently. It does what its name implies: it can take a sample of your beverage without pouring or siphoning it from the container.

A dairy thermometer is also useful for the dedicated home brewer. The dairy thermometer floats in the container and keeps track of the temperature during fermentation. Yeast cells need a constant temperature of 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit for fermentation to occur at a normal rate. When it is too cold it slows fermentation and when it is too hot the yeast cells ferment too rapidly or die. Unfortunately, many beginning winemakers work in a room that is too hot and the yeast dies.

Wine Making Kits

A beginner wine maker may want to try their hand at making wine without purchasing a lot of wine making supplies. A wine making kit can help you do just that, usually for less than $50. If you are interested in trying your hand at this hobby without the investment, make a small batch with a kit. Places where you can buy a variety of winemaking kits include:

Most kits include everything you need to make a batch of wine including the containers, juice and yeast. All you need to supply is the time and a small area in a cool room in which to allow your brew to ferment.

Great Hobby for Wine Lovers

Once you have collected your wine making supplies, you'll want to try out a variety of wine recipes. Wine making can be a great hobby for people who love trying a variety of wines. The process is relatively simple and many people find that it gets even easier after they have made a few batches. After the initial investment of basic wine making supplies, this hobby is an inexpensive one. Why not get started by making a batch today and begin enjoying the fruits of your labor?

Wine Making Supplies and Where to Get Them