Wine Accessories: 5 Highly Helpful DVDs

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If you are a wine novice and would like to obtain a little knowledge about wine before attending a tasting, pick up a few unconventional wine accessories…DVDs.

Learn at Your Own Pace

When you are new to the world of wine, attending a wine tasting can be a bit intimidating unless it is specifically geared toward beginners. This pressure can prevent you from asking a lot of good questions. Instructional wine DVD's are a perfect way to learn at your own pace. Then, if you didn't understand something the first time, you can always rewind it and watch it again.

Wine and Wine Accessories DVDs to Get You Started

Here is a list of five great wine DVDs geared toward novice wine drinkers, but they can be enjoyed by both novices and experts alike.

Wine DVD's
Title Retailer Price
The Naked Grape's Introduction to Wine $39.95
John Cleese's Wine for the Confused $17.99
Jancis Robinson's Wine Course $18.75
Understanding Wine $8.99
Wine Fundamentals $24.95

What the DVD's Cover

  • The Naked Grape's Introduction to Wine. This comprehensive DVD covers 16 classic wine categories, complete with tasting notes, how to analyze wine, proper wine storage and what to look for when purchasing wine. As a bonus, it comes with two white wine glasses and a waiter's wine key.
  • John Cleese's Wine for the Confused. This Monty Python alumnus takes a relaxed approached to drinking wine. With his clever humor, John Cleese begins with teaching you about the winemaking processes for six major grape varieties. He then moves on to guidelines on buying wine and ends with how to properly store and serve wine. Also included are discussions and tips from wine experts as well as visits to the wineries featured in the 2004 hit movie Sideways.
  • Jancis Robinson's Wine Course. Jancis Robinson is a well-recognized wine expert and has the credentials to back it up. She is the editor of "The Oxford Companion to Wine" and is a regular columnist for Wine Spectator magazine. This set of wine DVD's begins with an introduction to wine and moves on to cover Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah/Shiraz and ends with Riesling for dessert.
  • Understanding Wine. This DVD teaches those new to the world of wine how to appreciate fine wine. It also includes helpful hints on tasting wine and how to decipher a wine bottle label.
  • Wine Fundamentals. This DVD is as the label states. It covers all of the basic fundamentals of tasting, buying, serving and storing wine. This wine accessories DVD also includes information on making wine, a wine glossary, downloadable recipes and wine lists.

Be Interactive

Just because you are sitting home watching a DVD about wine doesn't mean that you have to take a passive role in wine tasting. Look over the DVD box to see which wines are covered and then go buy a couple of bottles of that type of wine. Grab some wine glasses, invite some friends over and have your own informal wine tasting. Don't forget to have a spit bucket available and remember to start with the white wines before you dive into the reds.

Have Fun

Tasting wine does not have to be a serious event. In fact, tasting wine should be fun and enjoyable. You may never know what it means when someone describes a white wine as tasting flinty or herbaceous and you may never understand why anyone would want to drink a red wine that is described as tasting chewy or leathery. When it comes down to it, none of that really matters. As long as you drink what you like and not let anyone else tell you what wine is "good" and what wine is "bad" then your wine experience will always be an enjoyable one.

Wine Accessories: 5 Highly Helpful DVDs