Valuable Advice About Vineyards for Sale

Napa Valley Vineyard

Have you ever looked at the listings of vineyards for sale and dreamed of buying a vineyard and leaving your daily grind behind? There are always many vineyards for sale all over the world, but the dream of owning a vineyard and the reality of the hard work it takes to actually run a vineyard keeps a lot of people from taking the plunge.

Finding Vineyards for Sale

There are many places you can look for vineyards for sale, whether you're serious about owning your own vineyard or just like to dream about it.

  • Vinea Transactions has a collection of more than 200 wineries for sale, mostly in France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The company that runs the site can also give you guidance on how to build a winery, get insurance, financing, marketing and much more (for a fee, of course).
  • Escape Artist is a wonderful website where people selling real estate all over the world can hook up with buyers. Their listings of vineyards for sale on a recent visit included property in Australia, Argentina, Colombia and the United States.

If you've got some serious coin to spend on your big dreams, check out Sotheby's international real estate listings. You can search for farms, ranches and plantations and browse the entries for wineries in the locations you are looking for, or search by country. These estates won't come cheap, but you might as well dream big, right?

Other places you can look for vineyards for sale include:

Alternatively, type vineyard for sale and the region or country you are looking for in your favorite search engine. Local real estate agents in that area might have listings that you won't find on the listing sites.

Choosing a Vineyard

If you want to buy a vineyard and don't have a lot of experience working a farm or growing grapes, you'll probably want to see if you can spend some time working the vineyard you're thinking about (if it's currently established) so you can see what it's really like to own a vineyard. The current owner might be willing to let you shadow him or her for a few days so you can get a taste for what the life of grapes is like.

Just like you wouldn't open any other business with no experience, you shouldn't think you can go into winemaking or vineyard management without trying it out first. Of course, if you're buying an established vineyard the management system might already be in place where people know what they need to do without much guidance from you, but you'll still want to be aware of what's going on and what needs to be done at each stage of the season and with promotion, shipping, customer service and all the other things that go into running a winery or vineyard.

You'll probably want to have the property of any vineyards for sale that you are interested in looked over by a viniculture expert (assuming you are not one) so that you know what to expect and if there are any problems with the property.

Like any other real estate transaction, bank loans, lawyers and appraisers may all be involved. Some things you should know before you choose a winery include:

  • What kind of grapes are planted and how much of each variety?
  • What water sources are available?
  • Has a survey been completed?
  • Is there a soil analysis?
  • How old are the grape vines?
  • How much do they produce in an average year?
  • Who buys the grapes and for how much?
  • Are there any known diseases in the vines?

For much more information on what to look for in a vineyard for sale, what questions to ask and how to find wineries and vineyards for sale, check out the excellent site at Bergman Vineyards. This site may not tell you absolutely everything you need to know before you buy a vineyard, but it will certainly make sure you go into your dream with your eyes wide open.

Valuable Advice About Vineyards for Sale