Tips for Taking Puglia Wine Tours

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Puglia – One of Italy's most breathtaking wine regions.

A Puglia wine tour is a must if you are exploring Italy's wine country.

About Puglia

The Puglia or Apulia region, resides on the southwestern edge of Italy's "boot". To picture its location in your head, imagine Italy's boot and then imagine the heel of the boot and that's where you'll find Puglia. Both the Adriatic and Ionian seas border this region, making it even more breathtakingly beautiful. Puglia boasts stunning countrysides, spectacular historical architecture, miles and miles of beaches and delicious Mediterranean fare. What goes best with Mediterranean fare? Wine of course.

Wine in Puglia

Before exploring the gorgeous wine making areas of Puglia, there is an issue regarding the area's reputation to address. Once upon a time, people best knew Puglia as the region of low quality wines. Winemakers churned out gallons and gallons of low quality wine and shipped it to wineries in northern Italian towns to blend with other low quality wines. As it turns out this clandestine practice was illegal and no longer goes on. So anyone with preconceived notions about Puglia and its wine, it's time to let those notions go.

Puglia Wine Tours

There are 25 wine zones, each called a Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC), in Puglia and over 178 different wineries. The best way to attack a Puglia wine tour is to either choose a specific region or plan a really long wine tour vacation. Rather than go through each DOC, here is some information about area specific wine tours in Puglia.

Hallmark Travels

Hallmark Travels offers an eight day Puglia wine touring excursion. During the eight days, you will travel to a number of different wineries across the region, including:

  • Bari
  • Castel del Monte
  • Martina Franca
  • Cisternino
  • Brindisi
  • Lecce
  • Otranto

Artisans of Taste

Choose from a one to six day tour of wineries in Puglia with Artisans of Taste. These luxury wine tours include private visits with various wine producers and the attendance of at least one grape harvest. Stile Meditteraneo keeps its wine tours personal with a limit of six people per tour.

PATH Wine Tours

Worried about staying active while imbibing on fine Puglia wine and food? Try a PATH Wine Tour. This company truly takes its time exploring Puglia wine country because all the tours are given via bike or by your own two feet. These tours seven day six night tours lead you on a guided walk or ride through Matera, Lecce and Santa Maria di Leuca.

If you're worried that the level of activity may be a bit too much for you, PATH considers it's activity level as moderate so you don't have to be a speed walker or professional biker to enjoy yourself. Plus, you get to rest your feet and legs at various restaurant stops along the way while enjoying the gastrointestinal delights of each city.

Booking a Tour

Wine tours in Puglia sound so divine that you may question whether or not you want to leave. You can book the above described tours via their websites or by giving them a call. If you're booking a tour, try to stick with the more well known companies with larger resources. This ensures that you will be able to pack in as much of Puglia's wine country as possible in the time you have to spend there.

Finally, some wine tours are seasonal, so be sure to ask about specific dates while booking your travel.

Tips for Taking Puglia Wine Tours