Buying Personalized Wine Bottles as Gifts

Get some great wine gift ideas.

Personalized wine gift bottles make your gift to the wine lover in your life even that much more special.

Different Types of Personalized Wine Gift Bottles

If you are looking to personalize your wine gift to someone special in your life, you should know the different choices that are available to you. Personalizing a bottle of wine is great for a number of different occasions such as:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate events or outings
  • Graduation gifts
  • Retirement parties
  • Weddings
  • Holidays

Take a look at these brief descriptions of the various types of ways you can personalize your wine bottles.

Personalized Labels

This is the most common way to add that special touch to a wine bottle. Vendors that offer this service generally first have you pick out the bottle or bottles of wine you wish to purchase and then help you choose the design of the label. What you are allowed to put on the label really depends on the vendor as well as your budget. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Photographs - Many vendors will allow you to bring in a photograph, (perfect for graduations and weddings) or a copy of a corporate logo.
  • Lettering - Most vendors offer a huge selection of fonts from which to choose for your wine label.
  • Colors - Add your corporate logo colors or the favorite colors of the person for whom you are gifting the wine.
  • Sheen - Often, you can choose whether you want your label to be shiny and glossy or understated with a matte finish.

Engraved Bottles

Personalizing wine or Champagne bottles that are engraved with a greeting, a significant date or well wishes is always an elegant gift. For this type of personalization, you also choose the label and all the things described above, but you also decide on what you want to have engraved, or etched, directly into the bottle itself.For most vendors that offer this service, etching a greeting into the bottle is not the only thing they offer. Here are a few other common services offered when purchasing an engraved wine bottle:

  • Gold or silver leafing - Artists can add gold or silver leafing into the etching to make the engraving stand out and look even more elegant.
  • Painting - If you would like, you may even have these artists add color paintings to the wine or Champagne bottle.

Purchasing Personalized Wine Gift Bottles

Now that you have a handle on the extent to which a wine or Champagne bottle can be personalized, here are a number of vendors that offer this service:

  • Custom Wine Source - This store has preferred wine vendors across the United States and Canada from which to choose your bottle of wine. If you aren't really the creative type, they have a number of pre-designed labels from which to choose, to suit just about any special occasion you can possibly think of.
  • Engraved Letter - This online merchant offers the availability of personalizing the label as well as engraving the wine bottle.
  • Personalized Wine Gifts - Not only does this store offer personalized labels, but you can also choose from a whole host of other wine items to personalize such as:
    • Wine bottle stickers
    • Wine glasses
    • Wine t-shirts
  • Personalized Engraved Gifts - This store also offers personalized labels as well as etching, but they also offer more gift items like:
    • Wine gift set - In this set, you can personalize the label as well as the two wine glasses included in the set.
    • Decanters - Personalized Engraved Gifts will engrave an elegant decanter with anything you choose.
    • Wine stoppers - If you want to make your personalized wine gift complete, why not throw in an engraved wine bottle stopper?

Making a Gift Even More Special

There is something about the small task of personalized a wine bottle, either by engraving or a label that makes the gift so much more special. By taking the time to add this special touch, the person receiving the gift will definitely know that you put a lot of time, energy, thought and effort into making sure their gift from you is extraordinary.

Buying Personalized Wine Bottles as Gifts