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13 Recommendations for Awesome Wine Sites

Karen Frazier
Drinking wine and surfing the net

The Internet provides a plethora of information for eager wine lovers. With reviews, discussion groups, online ordering of both wine and accessories, and educational websites, the Internet can teach you almost everything you need to know about wines, as well as providing you with the opportunity to find rare wines or socialize with fellow wine lovers.

Wine Reviews

Wine reviews give wine shoppers an extra helping of security before they invest in a bottle of wine. Log in to one of the wine review sites below (some require subscriptions) to find out how some of the industry's finest score wines.

Wine Services

If you are searching for wines, then wine services can help. Logon to these sites for hard to find wines.

  • Vinfolio - Vinfolio is a great site for serious collectors. They will acquire wines, inventory your existing cellar and store your wines.
  • Wine-Searcher - This site is excellent for finding just about any wine you would like to buy.

Wine Tracking

For some, jouraling the wines they drink is as much part of the pleasure as drinking them. Try online tracking software for a digital age version of labeling.

  • - Track the wines you drink online. Just set up a free account and start keeping "logs" of your bottles. Add as much or as little information as you want. Also, peruse other users' bottle logs, learn basic wine tips and terms and, coming soon, create and join online wine clubs.

Wine Shopping

Different states have varying rules about whether or not you can receive wine shipments. Check with your state before shopping for wines online. Try some of the following wine sites that sell wines and accessories.

  • Wine Enthusiast offers wine accessories including storage, stemware, decanters, and more.
  • sells both wines and accessories.
  • Wine Commune is an auction site, where you may discover hard to find or well-aged wines.
  • Wine Exchange has a large selection of wines from around the world.

Finding information about wine has never been easier.

Wine Discussions

Want to talk wine online? Try some of these forums.

  • WineWeb forums welcome all levels of wine interest and knowledge, from begnning to expert.
  • Wine Lovers Page Forum says it is the original Internet discussion group, made into a user-friendly forum.

Ready to learn more about wine? Sure, you need to taste wine to really gain an understanding of it, but you can also learn a great deal just by logging on. Don't forget to check out websites from your favorite wineries or wine retailers, where you may find out about upcoming events and special deals. If you're ready for a world of wine information at your fingertips, then pour yourself a glass of wine and start surfing the web.

13 Recommendations for Awesome Wine Sites