21 Lovely Ohio Wineries to Visit

Grapes ripe for picking.

Ohio wineries are known as producers of quality wines. No longer are California wines the only award winning wines in national competitions. Ohio has ideal growing areas for grapes of all types, from low lying valleys near lakefronts to gently sloping areas where the grapes receive just the right amount of sunlight and rain. The following are just a sampling of what Ohio wineries have to offer.

Northern Ohio Wineries

Wing Watch & Wine Trail

  • Heineman Winery - Lou Heineman is a member of the Ohio Winery Hall of Fame. This winery has been in operation for over 100 years. It is located on the famous Put-In-Bay island. Taste their wonderful vintages April through October.
  • Klingshirn Wine - The Klingshirn Winery is located in Avon Lake. It has the distinction of making three award winning champagnes and 16 different wines and grape juices.
  • Heartland Vineyards - Located in Westlake, this winery produces 26 different wines. Their vineyard tour boasts a visit to their new underground tasting room. This winery also produces meads and melomels.
  • Matus Winery - Touted as the winery where everyone has a good time. Special vintages include Outback, made of elderberries and blackberries and their Pear wine fermented in stainless steel vats.
  • Quarry Hill Winery & Orchard - Located in Berlin Heights, this winery is known for its peach and apple orchards adjacent to the winery. Here you'll find delicious wines and dry hard cider that can be enjoyed in a well appointed tasting room.
  • Single Tree Winery - In operation since 2004, this winery brings many delightful vintages to patrons. Single Tree has its own apiary in order to make their signature honey wine. They also produce a variety of table wines including Concord, reisling and a delightful blueberry wine.

Central Ohio

Capital City Wine Trail

  • Buckeye Winery - Located in Newark, this winery is unique in that it uses grape juice from 30 wineries from all over the world. Visitors can create their own wine and wine label.
  • Slate Run Winery - Whether you like picnicking or wine tasting, this winery can accommodate you. Located in Canal Winchester, Slate Run boasts more than a dozen different wines including apple wine and Premblanc,
  • Wyandotte Winery - Known for their award winning wines in central Ohio, this winery has been in operation since 1976. They offer 6 white and red wines for tasting along with several seasonal wines available. In the summer of 2008 visitors can enjoy Raspberry Summer, Cranberry Cabaret and Statehouse Red.

Southern Ohio

Nicholas Longworth Wine Trail

  • Meranda Nixon Winery - Celebrating its grand opening in 2007 in Ripley, Miranda Nixon grows six different types of grapes and produces a Traminette, Catawba and Red Oak Creek Red Wine. Stop by for a visit in the evening and they'll grill your own steak or salmon for you!
  • Valley Vineyards - Known for its national and international award winning table and dessert wines. Stop by and visit them in Morrow for a tasting.
  • Whitewater Wines - Is located in Harrison. It is known for their 35 different types of wines created on the premises from grapes grown all over the world. Visit their restaurant and café to taste their wines and indulge in their gourmet menu.

Southeast Ohio

Appalachian Country Wine Trail

  • Coffee Cake Winery - Located in Hopedale, Coffee Cake cultivates French-American hybrid grapes for their vintages. Visitors are welcome April 1 through December 31.
  • Merry Family Winery - Offers a wide selection of handcrafted Ohio wines. Located in Gallipolis, visitors can enjoy wine tasting with tempting appetizers on the deck overlooking the countryside and vineyard.
  • Terra Cotta Vineyards - Located in New Concord, Terra Cotta offers a variety of wines to drink on the premises or to purchase for enjoying later. Visitors are welcome April through October.

East Central Ohio

Canal Country Wine Trail

  • Grape and Granary - One of the well-known Ohio Wineries. This Italian winery located in Akron. The Italian atmosphere is reminiscent of Tuscany. This winery also carries everything you need to make your own wine or beer and they will teach you how to make it too!
  • Mastropietro Winery - The first winery in Mahoning County it is located southeast of Youngstown. Visitors can enjoy sipping what this winery has to offer while enjoying a vista of the rural countryside.
  • Viking Vineyards and Winery - Located in Kent. Choose from an extensive list of wines produced here, from Ice White Wine to Red Kiss, an award winning combination of red wine and chocolate.

Northeast Ohio

Lake Erie Vines and Wines

  • Ferrante Winery & Ristorante - Located just across the border from New York, this winery in Geneva offers award winning wines and a fine Italian restaurant for visitors to enjoy.
  • Grand River Cellars - Located in Madison, they have an extensive wine collection and also have a second label, Stonewood Vineyards. Enjoy selections such as Wine Hound Red and White Fox while enjoying the scenery and gourmet restaurant.
  • Old Firehouse Winery - A unique winery located in the first firehouse in Geneva-on-the-Lake. Visitors enjoy the lovely scenery and an incredible well-rounded selection of wines. Grape Jamboree, Blackberry and Johannisberg Riesling are just a few of the wines that are here to enjoy.

There are literally hundreds of wineries throughout the great state of Ohio. Tour these Ohio wineries by region or simply stop at individual ones throughout the state and enjoy what each has to offer. Visit the Ohio Wine Producers website for more details and maps for each winery.

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21 Lovely Ohio Wineries to Visit