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Francis Ford Coppola has been in the movie industry for over three decades, and his Niebaum Coppola Winery has been in business for over two decades. Recently, Coppola renamed the winery Rubicon Estate in honor of the property's history. The wines from the estate are consistently good wines that are well-received by critics.


Coppola founded the Niebaum Coppola Winery in Rutherford, California more than 20 years ago after he purchased the Rubicon Estate, which sits on the parcel of land that a man named Gustave Niebaum originally owned more than 100 years ago. Niebaum was a man who made a fortune in the Alaskan fur trade industry; when he exited that line of work, he decided to open a new wine-making business.

Niebaum's wine venture, which started around 1880, grew quickly and became one of the most popular and well-known brands of wine among Americans, as well as people and wine experts around the world. His flight to wine fame was quick and furious. Unfortunately, prohibition struck and as with all wineries in the United States, his business came to a halt.

Eventually, in 1975, Coppola and his wife decided to buy the home that sits on the old vineyard's land and turn it into a vacation home. Coppola used the old estate to further his wine-making hobby and eventually, he began to produce wine on a larger scale. Over time, Coppola's winery began to produce enough wine to begin selling it in mass quantities.


Rubicon Estate produces a wide variety of wine types, but the winery is best known for its most popular and highest selling wine called "Rubicon." Thousands upon thousands of cases of Rubicon are sold each year to individuals, wine distributors and restaurants around the world. The winery produces both reds and whites, including classic reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, and Rhone varietal whites like Marsanne.

The Rubicon Estate is open for business and wine production every single day of the year. Individuals and groups may visit and tour the estate, which normally includes a sampling of many of the Niebaum Coppola Winery wines, as well as a guided tour of the buildings and vineyards. Everyone on the tour must be at least 21 years old in order to be admitted.

Coppola Winery Tour

Touring the Niebaum Coppola Winery is a unique experience, which is filled with historical facts and detailed information about all of the types of wine produced there. Guests are treated very well and are encouraged to learn more about the winery and the wine industry in general.

The winery can also be rented for special events, however, despite the estate's beautiful grounds and surroundings, weddings and wedding receptions cannot be held on its grounds. But, other types of receptions may be held there, and the estate has event coordinators who will work to make sure any on-premises event is luxurious. Of course, for obvious reasons, only Niebaum Coppola wines are allowed to be served during any occasion on the Rubicon Estate property.

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From Niebaum Coppola Winery to Rubicon Estate