List of 17 Wonderful Missouri Wineries by Region


When people think about American wine country, Missouri is not generally the first state the comes to mind, but take a look at everything Missouri wineries have to offer.

Missouri Wine Making History

Back in the 1800's, German settlers traveled from the east coast of the United States, going west. Turns out, one of the things they brought with them from the "old country" were vineyard clippings. Settling near modern day St. Louis, these immigrants began planting seeds for food and the wine clippings with which they had so carefully traveled.

The soil in which the seeds were planted ended up not being best for farming vegetables, but the wine vines survived and thrived. By the mid 1800's, the first wine grapes were cultivated and by 1848, Missouri wineries bottled over 1,000 gallons of wine. A few years later, over 500 acres vineyards were planted and the wine produced in these small Missouri towns was being shipped all over the state. The state presently has seven main wine producing regions containing over 60 wineries.

The Augusta Region

Located 35 miles west of St. Louis, the following wineries call the Augusta region home:

  • The Augusta Winery - This winery produces a few out of the ordinary wines such as: Blackberry wine, Chambourcin, Raspberry wine and Seyval Blanc, among others.
  • The Eagles Nest Winery - Known for it's Buffalo Fort Norton, Mississippi River Rogue, Pikers Blush and Rivera de Sel.
  • Bethlehem Valley - This winery is known for their Chardonel and Norton varietals.

The Hermann Region

Also west of St. Louis, a little further than the Augusta wineries. This region is home to 10 wineries, including:

  • Adam Puchta Winery - This winery produces 15 different types of wine including, Jazz Berry, Legacy, Misty Valley and Seyval.
  • Stone Hill Winery - In business for over 50 years, Stone Hill produces 22 different types of wine including, Blanc de Blancs, Cream Sherry, Concord and Pink Catawba.
  • Bommarito Estate Almond Tree Winery - Try this family-owned and operated winery's Almond Tree Blush or the French Oak Norton Reserve.
  • Wenwood Farm Winery - This winery boasts a few out of the ordinary bottles like Kirsch, Kran Rose and Truelese.

Ozark Highlands

The Ozark Highlands region is southwest of St. Louis and has six wineries including:

  • Peaceful Bend Vineyard - Located in the Ozark mountains, Peaceful Bend produces Forche Renault, Barrel Fermented Chardonel and Courtois, among others.
  • St. James Winery - This winery produces over 30 types of wine.

Ozark Mountain Region

Here are a few Missouri wineries in the Ozark Mountain region:

  • Gloria Winery - This winery features French hybrid and European style table wines.
  • Williams Creek - Try their Vidal Blanc and Catawba wines.
  • Westphalia Vineyards - Located on a former brewery, Westphalia Vineyards boast using only Missouri oak barrels to cask their wine.

The Southeast Region

The Southeast Missouri wine region is home to 20 wineries.

The Central and Western Regions

The central and western wine regions in Missouri are often referred to as the Central/Western region with over 19 wineries calling this region home.

  • Stonehaus Farms Winery - Try the Port, Chardonel, Apple Berry and Apple Cranberry wines offered by Stonehaus Farms.
  • Stone Winery - Enjoy wine in Native Stone's tasting room which is in a 19th century farmhouse.

A Final Note About Missouri Wineries

As you can see, there is no need to travel all the way to the west coast to enjoy good wine. With over 60 wineries in Missouri, the next time you are planning a wine getaway, why not take a wine tasting trip to the heart of the Midwest?

List of 17 Wonderful Missouri Wineries by Region