Great Places to Find Homemade Wine Recipes


Some of the best wines are made from a homemade wine recipe, passed down from generation to generation. Although the steps to making a great homemade wine are relatively simple, there are certain factors which can either make your wine recipe turn to vinegar or into a delightful beverage that you can share with your friends.

Finding Homemade Wine Recipes

Many people find their first wine recipes on a wine Web site or from a friend or a family member who is also interested in the hobby. Hobby wine making can be a great creative outlet, but it can also be frustrating if you don't have the know-how or the right winemaking supplies.

Winemaking Kits

A great way to learn how to make that first batch of wine with a tested and true homemade wine recipe is by purchasing a wine making kit. While these kits tend to be super simplistic, they will include the basics you need for making wine along with one or more easy-to-follow wine recipes. You can save the high-tech tools for later, after you have discovered whether you enjoy this hobby or not.

Winemaking Hobby Web Sites

There are many wine hobbyist sites on the Internet that offer a wealth of knowledge to winemakers, both newbies and the seasoned veteran. Whichever category you fall into, these sites often provide copious amounts of wine recipes, often with very detailed instructions.

Some great winemaker Web sites include:

Winemaking Groups

There are other ways to learn new wine recipes other than searching on the Internet. Local colleges are a great way to learn about wine and winemaking. Many classes are taught on the evenings or weekends so that adults can attend the courses. Request a continuing education course book from the college's admissions office to find out what your local college has to offer.There are also hobby groups that meet locally in many areas. Check for listings at your local town hall or on the Internet. There are also many wine hobby groups on the Internet, if you prefer to belong to a group from the comfort of your own home. Some websites that welcome new winemakers, no matter their level of expertise are:

Fruit of the Vine

The fruit that you choose to use in your wine recipe is very important, especially if you are making your wine at home. You may choose to crush your own grapes, which you may do if you have the right equipment, or purchase your juices from a winemaking supply business. Some online retailers of juices, as well as other winemaking supplies are:

Wine Recipe Books

Perhaps you would rather learn about winemaking and find new recipes written by specialists on the subject. Luckily, many have authored books on the subject, and many of the books are well illustrated to help the novice winemaker. Browse or Barnes & Noble to find titles such as these:

  • 130 New Winemaking Recipes by Cicely Berry
  • The Home Winemaker's Companion by Gene Spaziani and Ed Halloran
  • Wine, Food and the Good Life by Arlene Mueller
  • Making Wild Wines & Meads by Pattie Vargas and Rich Gulling
  • Home Winemaking by Rodney Boothroyd


Home winemaking can be a great hobby and the initial investment is minimal. Before you begin this hobby, either join a winemaking group or consider purchasing a beginner's winemaking kit. Groups can provide a novice winemaker with support and tips, as well as many new homemade wine recipes to try. Finally, there are many books available on the subject of winemaking. Check out your favorite retail, online or used bookstore for a wide variety of book titles.

Great Places to Find Homemade Wine Recipes