5 Affordable Dry Wine Kits You Should Consider


Make wine like a professional with one of the easy-to-use dry wine kits available.

About Dry Wine

Wine tastes, of course, are completely personal - one person may prefer a sweeter tasting wine, while another prefers a dry wine. In this case, we're discussing dry wine and its attributes. What makes a wine taste dry? There are varying degrees of dryness, of course, and your personal taste may lie anywhere along that spectrum.

Dry wine is a result of the level of residual sugar remaining after fermentation. The level ranges from a full dry wine, where all sugar has been converted to alcohol, to a medium-dry wine that contains some residual sugar. An "off dry" wine contains a relatively small amount of sugar.

About Wine Kits

Wine kits have become an easy way for beginning winemakers to get a taste of success without expending a lot of money or effort. Traditional amateur winemaking depends on a variety of equipment, ingredients, and a basic knowledge of how to create your own wine. It also takes some time - something that may have many people ditching the idea entirely and heading to the nearest liquor store to have their wine without the wait.

Wine kits, on the other hand, provide all of the ingredients you need to get started in one box and are available in a variety of types so you can produce your favorite at home. And yes, you will still need some time since you can't expect instant wine, but the kits make it monumentally easy to get started. Once you experience the success of making your own wine from a wine kit, you may find you'd like to try other types of kits or even venture into purchasing the ingredients separately for more advanced winemaking.

Dry Wine Kits

Once you have established what type of wine you'd like to produce, you can set out buying the right wine kit. There are a variety of dry wine kits that produce wonderful tasting wine in as little as four to six weeks. Consider the following:


While wine kits yield perfect results every time and are very cost effective (creating wine for $2 or less per bottle!), you do have to pay a little extra at the start. Typically, wine kits produce six gallons of wine and take little time to mix. There are variations in timing and quantity, however. While most kits include the ingredients, recipe and instructions for producing your own homemade wine, you will still need to acquire the necessary equipment. For a complete winemaking kit, consider Homebrewers Winemaking Kit. For just $150, you get all of the equipment you will need, plus wine kit ingredients for your first six gallon batch. After that, you can just buy the ingredient kits and re-use the equipment.

Try a Kit Today!

Wine kits produce quality results, with options of wines from a variety of regions around the world - California, Italy, Spain, Australia and France, just to name a few. Discover how easy this hobby can be (and impress your friends too!).

5 Affordable Dry Wine Kits You Should Consider