Childress Vineyard's Fast Track to Success

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NASCAR fans and wine lovers can find a common passion in Childress Vineyards, a North Carolina winery owned by former NASCAR driver Richard Childress. The winery produces both reds and whites, many of which have won awards and recognition.

Childress Vineyards History

Childress Vineyards is one North Carolina's newest wineries. It has only been open for business since 2004, but already has an impressive list of wines being produced and distributed.

The history of Childress Vineyards is not the usual story associated with many older and historical vineyards. Many of the world's oldest vineyards have been family owned and operated for several years, decades or centuries, and passed down from generation to generation.

Childress Vineyards holds a very different story. The winery was established and opened by a former NASCAR racer named Richard Childress. Being one of the wealthiest residents of North Carolina, Childress has undertaken many interesting business ventures, and the opening of Childress Vineyards is one of them. The drastic change from a world surrounded by stock-car racing to a world filled with grape vines and fine wines was a significant career change for Childress.

Vineyards in North Carolina

Childress decided to open his winery in his home state of North Carolina as opposed to establishing it in another location. While North Carolina is not typically the place that comes to most people's minds when it comes to wineries, the state actually produces quite a few grapes used by wineries in North Carolina and across the country. There are more than 50 wineries in North Carolina and more than 350 vineyards that produce grapes for the wine industry.

When Childress began to get serious about opening a winery in the state of North Carolina, he hired a person who had a large amount of experience growing vineyards on the East Coast who would help his vines yield grapes suitable for producing a high level of wine. With the help of his growing expert, and after hiring many other well-known individuals in the wine industry, Childress' wine making venture began. He has been "full steam ahead" since 2004.

The climate in North Carolina is well suited for growing grapes, which is why there are so many independently owned vineyards across the state. The wine industry creates millions of dollars of revenue collectively for the wineries in North Carolina.

Tourist Destination

Childress Vineyards is quickly becoming a place to visit for tourists and visitors to the state of North Carolina. Not only is the winery designed to look old fashioned, but it also provides many activities and learning experiences for those who visit.

The ability to view wine production is unique at this winery. Visitors are welcomed to view the entire wine-making process and see exactly how grapes end up bottled as wine. Also available are plenty of wine-tasting events so that visitors can enjoy what they have watched being made.

Types of Wine

The winery produces a huge selection of wine. Bottles of wine can fall into one of three categories: House Wines, Vineyard Varietals, and Signature Wines. The House Wines are typically the type of wine that can be served every day of the year. The Vineyard Varietals are the type of wine that can be used immediately or stored in a wine cellar for a few years, which will prove to enhance the flavor. The Signature Wines are made only of specially selected grapes and should be stored for up to 10 years before they obtain their best possible flavor. Varietals include Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and many other popular varieties.

Childress Vineyards Store

Richard Childress knows how to run a business, and he has obviously determined that a wine-making venture can be enhanced by offering several items besides wine for sale in the winery's store. Not only can any type of Childress wine be purchased, but items such as wine carriers, clothing, gift baskets, wine racks, and much more are also available. You can purchase these items online by visiting the Childress Vineyards website, or by physically shopping at the winery in North Carolina.

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Childress Vineyard's Fast Track to Success