7 Good Places to Buy Cheap Champagne Flutes

Champagne flute

If you drink Champagne often, you might want to invest in a few cheap Champagne flutes because these delicate glasses are prone to breaking.

About Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are tall and slender and curve slightly out toward the narrow opening at the top. They hold about six ounces of bubbly and stand around eight inches tall. The slim design of Champagne flutes is said to help the bubbles to develop and concentrate and the aromas rise to the top to be delivered to the palate and the nose, respectively.

Of course, some wine connoisseurs say that the flute is the only glass from which to properly enjoy Champagne. Others say no, it's a wine glass, because Champagne, in its simplest form, is nothing but carbonated wine. Though they can't agree on the proper glass, they do unanimously agree that the Champagne goblet or saucer (sometimes referred to as a coupe) should be banished forever. The wide surface area of the coupe makes the bubbles dissipate too quickly and the aromas all but disappear.

Where to Find Cheap Champagne Flutes

Okay, so most people aren't connoisseurs and just want to buy a few Champagne flutes that look nice and don't cost $50 to $100 a piece. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sparkling Stemware - All the glasses at Sparkling Stemware are made of lead-free crystal and they offer seven different style collections of Champagne flutes. Prices for a set of six flutes range from $42 to $75 a set or about $7 to $12.50 per glass.
  • Crate and Barrel - Get Champagne flutes from around $5 to $13 per glass.
  • Ace Mart Restaurant Supply - Get a case of 12 Libbey Champagne flutes for around $35.
  • Target - Yes, even Target sells Champagne flutes. Retail price is about $25 for a set of 12. That's only around $2 per flute.
  • ikea - Another large discount store chain offering affordable Champagne flutes. A set of six will set you back about $5. Perfect for large parties and you don't have to worry about anyone getting too zealous during the toast and breaking them, because at $5, you can afford to buy two sets of six.
  • Overstock - Items rotate in and out of Overstock.com, but you can usually find pretty sets of champagne flutes for less than $10 per glass.
  • Custom Glassware - This company offers custom printed Champagne flutes for reasonable prices, around three to four dollars a glass.

The Argument Against Expensive Flutes

The words "cheap" and "Champagne" will never be uttered out of a wine expert's mouth in the same sentence. Why? Wine snobbery, plain and simple. Those experts that poo-poo on saving a little extra on the stemware (so you can spend a little extra on the sparkling wine or Champagne) do know their stuff, most of them anyway. Surely they've tasted Champagne out of inexpensive flutes and expensive flutes, but is it really necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of Champagne flutes? Nah, it's what's in the glass that's important. Besides, worrying about drinking Champagne and sparkling wine out of pricey Riedel glasses takes the fun out of drinking the Champagne because you'll be too worried about breaking the glass.

Final Tips for Properly Serving Champagne

Here are some quick notes on how to properly serve Champagne:

  • Chill it to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit - A bucket of ice water (more ice than water) is a great way to chill Champagne down. Sticking it in the refrigerator takes too long.
  • Remove the foil and wire basket.
  • Place a cloth napkin or towel over the cork.
  • Slowly twist the bottle while pulling up on the cork.
  • Pour the Champagne about one-quarter of the way up the glass, let the bubbles settle and then fill the flute.
  • Place the Champagne back in the ice bucket to keep it chilled.
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7 Good Places to Buy Cheap Champagne Flutes