Wine Gift Ideas and Options

Tips for Giving Wine as a Gift (With Class & Confidence)

Tips for Giving Wine as a Gift (With Class & Confidence)

Whether you're heading to a dinner party and don't want to arrive empty-handed or want to find the perfect something special for your BFF, it's hard to go wrong with a wine gift. No matter the occasion, when… Keep reading »

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From simple gifts for the home to creative and unique wine accessories, there are plenty of gifts for the wine lover in your life to enjoy. Choose one that suits his or her lifestyle and you are sure to please any wine aficionado.

Gifts for the Home

Anyone who appreciates a good wine may enjoy some storage options, as well as personalized wine related gifts for their home. Personalized wine bottles, serving trays, and wine racks are all great options to give to a host or hostess who appreciates wine. Think about their home decor when buying a wine related gift and try to match their style. This will show the gift recipient just how well you know them and that you've put some thought into finding them a great gift.

Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas

If you're crafty and have a flair for artistic projects, there are plenty of fun wine-related gifts you can make. Homemade gifts are especially sweet to give to close loved ones or friends because they show the gift recipient just how much you care. Wine glass charms, cork art, as well as personalized flutes can all be fun do-it-yourself ideas to give to someone you love. These projects will vary in how much time they take to complete, so think about how long you have to finish it especially if you're hoping to give someone a gift for their birthday or an upcoming holiday.

Wine Accessories

Wine accessories make for great gifts, especially for birthdays, holiday events, or as a host/hostess thank you gift. They are usable, functional, and come in styles that typically work for most people. When searching for the perfect wine accessory gift, think about how the recipient tends to enjoy wine. Do they head to wine tastings often, host parties at their home, or like to travel with their favorite wine. Wine glasses and flutes are classic gifts, and most people will appreciate having a few more glasses on hand, especially if they tend to host events. For wine enthusiasts, a wine tasting journal, decanter, or portable wine cooler can make for incredibly thoughtful and useful gifts.

Fun and Functional Gifts

There are tons of options when it comes to giving the perfect wine-related gift. From do-it-yourself projects to store bought accessories, or even purchasing an online wine subscription, you will definitely be able to find your loved one something special and unique.

Wine Gift Ideas and Options