Wine Definitions and Other Useful Info

Article Highlight: Crash Course in Aperitifs

An aperitif is an alcoholic drink, such as wine, that is served before a meal. It stimulates the appetite and may be served alone or with light hors d'œuvres, such as cheese, antipasti, bread, or pâté. Keep reading »

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Is the wine oxidized?

The language of wine is so enormous that anyone can feel lost without wine definitions when attempting to wade through all the words that are used to describe and define wine tasting notes and characteristics. Fancy descriptions and long-winded definitions are often what turns people off to wine, which is a travesty because wine should be enjoyed by all.

You will most certainly not find haughty, long-winded definitions here at LTK Wine. No, only a few simple words are put together to help anyone who wants to know and learn the various definitions used by winemakers and wine drinkers in the wine world.

LTK Wine Definitions is the place to learn about the duties of a Sommelier or the meaning of a Brut Champagne or the vintage of a wine.

How Wine Definitions Help

There is a lot of information on any given wine bottle label like N.V., AOC and Cuvee. Believe it or not, all of this information actually means something. You just may need to look up the definition of several of these terms to find out exactly what all of these words and letters mean. Once you know, you will be able to pick out the best bottles of wine, sparkling wine and Champagne with confidence!

Wine Definitions and Other Useful Info