Useful Wine Accessories

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You need more than a corkscrew.

Why wine accessories? Well, here are a few good reasons: Great bottles of wine deserve great wine accessories. Aged wine deserves a decanter, a nice bottle of wine must always be opened with the proper corkscrew and while serving multiple glasses of the same kind of wine, wine glass charms come in very handy.

Must Have Wine Accessories

Okay, so there are a few things that you must have when it comes to drinking, pouring and serving wine. Here are the basics:

  • Wine Glasses - Don't laugh, everyone has, at one time or another, sipped wine from something other than a wine glass.
  • Wine decanters - Good wine must breathe to reach its full potential.
  • Wine stoppers - For those off nights in which you don't actually finish a full bottle of wine. No matter how rare of an occurrence, wine stoppers come in handy when you need them.

Optional Items

These items aren't completely and absolutely necessary, but they are nice to have:

Useful Wine Accessories