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List of Sweet Red Wines Well Worth Trying

List of Sweet Red Wines Well Worth Trying

While red wine is often an acquired taste, sweet red wines are a way to introduce the health benefits of red wine to a generation raised on sweeter flavors. There are a variety of sweet reds sure to match your… Keep reading »

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There are more than 20 million acres of wine grapes planted in various countries around the world. With so many different choices, it appears difficult to choose the perfect bottle. Fortunately, with so many wine types available, you're sure to find at least one variety that you love. Whether you are a seasoned wine drinker or just beginning your wine drinking experience, learning about the different types of wine can help you make choices that please your palate.

Many Different Types of Wine

The types of wines offered for sale can also be confusing. You can discover an array of wines, ranging from dry to sweet, as well as major types such as red, white and blush.
You may just find new wines to try as well, such as:

Exploring Wines

It doesn't matter if you are a new wine drinker looking for a new red or white wine or a wine connoisseur searching for a bottle that's a little out of the ordinary - you can still explore and learn about different wines.


Complex and classic, there's an array of red wines in New and Old World styles including:

  • Bordeaux: Rich, complex, classic reds with often stunning flavors and character
  • Merlot: A soft red wine with low tannin which makes it very drinkable for the novice red wine drinker
  • Pinot Noir: A lighter-bodied red wine with fruity aromas that is excellent with a wide variety of foods


Lighter wines with crisp, precise flavors from around the world include:

  • Pinot Grigio: An imported dry white wine with a crisp acidity that is a popular wine to enjoy with all types of foods
  • Chardonnay: Toasty and full-bodied with vanilla flavors


These wines come in various styles from around the world, including:

  • Champagne: The classic bubbly from France's Champagne region
  • Prosecco: A frizzante wine from Italy
  • Cava: Spanish bubbly


These wines, in both red and white, have a higher residual sugar and lower alcohol, making them a perfect sweet wine for sipping after dinner.

  • Ice wine: Sweet wine harvested after the grapes freeze on the vine, concentrating the sugars
  • Dessert wine: A catchall term for an array of sweet wines


These wines have extra alcohol added. Types of fortified wines include:

  • Port: A sweet fortified wine made in Portugal
  • Marsala: A sweet, aged wine from Sicily

Find Your Type

With so many wines to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect type for you. Visit local wineries and wine shops for tastings, and you're sure to discover a wine type that will become your new favorite.

Exploring Types of Wine