List of 19 Best Red Wines Under $15

Learn the many types of red wine.
Learn the many types of red wine.

Looking for the best red wine under $15? Just because a wine is inexpensive doesn't mean it's bad. There are plenty of fantastic wines to be found for between $10 and $15. The following are some of the best red wines available.

Best Red Wines Under $15


Australian Shiraz wines are very fruit forward with a lush, spicy flavor. The brands under $15 are early drinkers, and you can find the wines in many grocery store wine aisles and wine shops.

  • Rosemount Estate Shiraz
  • Yellow Tail Shiraz
  • Razor's Edge Shiraz
  • Yellow Tail Shiraz The Reserve 2005
  • Paringa Shiraz


Look for these fruity, low-tannin wines at your local wineshops, or at online wine retailers like

  • Columbia Crest Merlot Grand Estates
  • Tin Roof Merlot
  • Ironstone Merlot
  • Covey Run Merlot

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes feature stronger tannins and flavors of dark cherries. Look for them in your grocery store aisle, or order then online at Gary's Wine.

  • Trumpeter Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Columbia Crest 2 Vines Cabernet
  • Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon


Spicy, dark, and powerful, Zinfandel wines provide a juicy counterpoint to red meat, pizza, or pasta with red sauce. Check your local wineshop, or an online retailer like Fine Wine House.

  • Gnarly Head Zinfandel
  • Blackstone California Zinfandel

Other Reds

You can find delicious and affordable red wines from winemakers all around the world. Ask your local wine distributor to stock them, or find them online at retailers like BevMo.

  • Casa Castillo Monastrell
  • Santa Rita Carmenere Reserva
  • Wrongo Dongo Monastrell
  • Falesco Vitiano Rosso Red Blend
  • Goats do Roam Red Blend

Best Wines

Ultimately, best wines are in the eyes of the beholder. Many red wines under $15 offer a highly drinkable, palate pleasing experience. Try any of the above wines for a delicious experience, or ask your local wine seller for recommendations. Many offer hidden gems that are both highly affordable and really delicious. If you try something and like it, consider ordering a case to drink over the course of a year, or buying a few bottles to serve with your favorite meals. In the end, your palate will tell you exactly what you think are the best red wines under $15.

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List of 19 Best Red Wines Under $15