Free Printable Wine Labels

Add your own wine labels!

If you like to bottle your own wine, free printable wine labels add a personalized touch to your bottles. Use these labels to celebrate a special occasion like Valentine's Day or Christmas, or just choose a beautiful label that will work any time and use the gift of wine to let someone know you care.

Free Printable Wine Labels Online

Check out these free printable wine labels that will have you covered for almost any occasion, from everyday to the holidays. The templates below work with Avery wine labels 15516, 5126, 8126 and may work with other brand labels. Click the images for the printable pdf files. If you need help downloading the labels, check out these helpful tips.

Try grapes for any occasion:

Grapes Wine Label

Add a decorative touch:

Decorative Wine Label

Try a simple, sophisticated label:

Simple Wine Label

Cupids and hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day:

Cupids and Hearts Wine Label

For the holidays, try a festive label:

Festive Wine Label

Labels in neutral tones are perfect anytime:

Neutral Wine Label

Applying Wine Labels

Finding great looking wine labels to download on your computer is convenient. However, they still need to be printed out and applied to your wine bottles. There are several ways to accomplish this.

Using Blank Paper for Labels

One way to use your free wine labels is to print them directly onto paper, cut them out, and apply them to the bottle. The type of glue you use should be able to withstand a little moisture and not disintegrate if it becomes damp. Good choices include Elmer's glue and rubber cement. Some people have been able to use glue sticks, as long as they totally coat the label with the glue before it is applied to the dry bottle.

Using Gummed or Adhesive Labels

Another option is to purchase pre-gummed labels or adhesive labels. Ones that are manufactured specifically for wine label use will stay adhered to your bottles, while others made for general use may come off or slip when they become moist or wet. Often these packages of labels will provide directions on how to use your word processing program to print them out correctly. It may be helpful to print out a copy of your wine labels on plain paper first to ensure correct alignment of the label sheet.

Consider the conditions under which your wine bottles will be stored. If the bottles will be in a cool, dry environment the labels will probably stay on without any problems. Bottles stored in a cellar or in areas where they may become damp will need labels with strong sticking power.

Additional Wine Labels

Other places to find free labels for your wine include:

  • Free Label Maker - This site offers software that allows you to make custom wine labels that can be as plain or fancy as you choose. Of special interest is the theme category, which includes celebrations, sports, humor and more!
  • Magical Kingdom - This site has three different grape designs and six Christmas designs for wine labels. These labels feature photos, so for the best quality use a laser printer.
  • Home and Garden - Looking for something with a vintage feel? Check out these customizable free wine labels and tout your red, white, rose or fruit wine creations!
  • Label Wizard - Use this free software to print your wine labels at home. You can customize the templates to include any information you want, including the contents and date of vintage.

Unique Inside and Out

Printing your own wine labels is a great way to make your wine bottle as unique as your homemade vintage. It is also a good way to save money on labels when you are making small batches of wine and mead. Another bonus is that many of these labels are customizable so you can change the printed information and graphics easily. Why not try some of these labels on your next batch of wine? You'll save money and have a great looking bottle of wine too!

Free Printable Wine Labels