Article Highlight: Gervasi Vineyard

Located in northeastern Ohio, Gervasi Vineyard is a unique find in the Midwest. A well-known tourist magnet, Gervasi is a Tuscan-inspired winery that produces a wide array of wines based on Italian and international… Keep reading »

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California is one of many vineyard areas.

If you're planning a trip to a few wineries, you need to do a little research right? Well, you will find all the information you need here in Wineries.

The Vineyards

In the United States, there are a number of wineries in just about every state in the nation. Here's a short list of the few vineyards you can explore here in Wineries before taking to the open road:

  • Ohio Wineries - There are a number of scenic wineries located in Ohio, find out all about them in this informative article.
  • Renault Winery - This historic winery is located on the Jersey shore is just minutes from Atlantic City.
  • Wente Vineyard - This family owned and operated winery is located in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Livermore, California.
  • Oregon Wineries - These wineries are not far from California wine country but offer a completely different wine vineyard experience.
  • Virginia Wineries - Check out a few small wineries in the beautiful countryside of Virginia.

Information About Wineries

Wineries offers plenty of useful information about individual wineries such as:

  • History of the winery
  • Location
  • Nearby hotels
  • Sights to see while in the area
  • Types of wines carried by each vineyard